Western Archaeological Services takes pride in our business principles and practices.  We believe that the client’s interest is best served through the execution of high-quality archaeological work and strict adherence to state and federal agency guidelines.  Our experienced staff works closely with our clients and agencies to design cost-effective studies that can be completed within project development schedules, and consider alternative strategies when those might be more timely and cost-effective and still meet agency and client needs. Getting things done quickly, affordably, and competently is our goal.   Client service, quality research, personal and professional development, and enjoying our work are values that drive our success.  When your project is successful, we are successful.

We strive to provide all employees with a safe and pleasant working atmosphere with open lines of communication.  Western Archaeological Services is unique in that the employee can set up a permanent home base in either town and work daily from that office.  A consistent and normative life outside out the workplace is an important aspect of the success of the individual, the community, and the company.