Clients and Projects

Western Archaeological Services has fostered ongoing relationships with organizations and agencies such as the BLM; BIA; BOR; SHPO; OAHP; Forest Service; National Parks Service; OCTA; States of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah; Cities of Rock Springs and Green River; Sweetwater, Lincoln, and Moffat counties; various Native American groups; Rock Springs Grazing Association; Wyoming Petroleum Association; and various private parties and individuals.

Western Archaeological Services has provided cultural resource expertise to some of the largest energy producing companies in the world, as well as several other distinguished and varied companies and institutions.

  • Pipeline companies
  • Oil and gas producers
  • Public utilities
  • Solar companies
  • Transmission companies
  • Local municipalities
  • Mining companies
  • Wind energy companies
  • Environmental consulting firms
  • Federal and state agencies
  • Private Landowners
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Electrical power companies
  • Tribal governments
  • Other small and large businesses

Western Archaeological Services has provided cultural resource expertise for numerous projects ranging from individual well pads, access, roads, and pipelines, to large block surveys for wind and solar projects, and multi-state/agency pipelines and powerlines.

Aethon Energy

Anadarko E&P

Andeavor Logistics

Anticline Disposal, LLC

Asset Environmental

Atwell, LLC

Balidor Oil and Gas, LLC


Black Butte Coal Company

Bridger Coal Company

Ciner Wyoming, LLC

Cingular Wireless (AT&T)

Clenera, LLC

Crank Companies, Inc.

Crescent Point Energy

Devon Energy Production Co. LP

Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline, LLC

Dominion Energy Wexpro Company

Enterprise Products

EOG Resources, Inc.

Fleur De Lis Energy, LLC

Foothills Exploration, LLC

Foreland Resources, LLC

Gadeco, LLC

Garland Light & Power

Genesis Alkali, LLC

GMT Exploration Co., LLC

High Country Construction

Hyperion Oil & Gas (Aethon)

Integrated Petroleum Technologies

JFC Engineers

Jonah Energy

Linn Energy

Malcolm International

Merrion Oil and Gas

Mountain Gas Resources

Mustang Resources

Navarro Research & Engineering, Inc.


Petros Environmental

Pinedale Energy Partners

Plains All American Pipeline

Plains Pipeline

Power Company of Wyoming, LLC

QEP Energy

QEPM Gathering I, LLC

Questar Pipeline Company

Redi Services, LLC

Rio Verde Engineering

Rocky Mountain Power

Samson Resources

Sandridge Exploration and Production

Solvay Chemicals

Southland Royalty Co., LLC


Sunrise Engineering

Sunshine Valley Petroleum Corp

Sweetwater County Public Works

Sweetwater Solar, LLC

Tata Chemicals

Tesoro Logistics


The Archaeological Conservancy

Tower Engineering Professionals

Trihydro Corporation


Tronox Alkali Corporation

Uinta Enineering

Ultra Resources

Union Wireless

Wamsutter LLC


Wexpro Company

Wexpro Development Company

Wexpro II Company


WGR Operating

XTO Energy Inc.